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Artwork – Painted Instagrams – 2013
Work from 2013

Work from 2013

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Chances luck and hard work copy_Evangeline_Cachinero__2013 Everything we knew before  copy_Evangeline_Cachinero__2013 Flippin an floppin like a political candidate_Evangeline_Cachinero__2013 Frustration never sounded  copy_Evangeline_Cachinero__2013 He was my external hard drive_Evangeline_Cachinero__2013 I do but only sometimes_Evangeline_Cachinero__2013 In with the new as the old recycles over and over again_Evangeline_Cachinero__2013 Pixels are like people_Evangeline_Cachinero__2013 Seems like only yesterday_Evangeline_Cachinero__2013 She tended to her garden and let the emails pile up_Evangeline_Cachinero__2013

Evangeline Cachinero at Neo Gallery

Evangeline Cachinero at Neo Gallery

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Peter Gonthier from Neo Gallery currently has some of my work hanging in Coolum. Contact him if you are interested or you would like to have a closer look. These are the works that he has.

Epiphanies 1


Epiphanies 2


Epiphanies 3


Ive  never been to osaka


Ive also never been to osaka


The first of the three sisters


The second of the three sisters


The third of the three sisters



Sawdust everywhere

Sawdust everywhere

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This year I’ve decided to build & stretch all of my frames to see how it affects the painting. Not only is it cheaper, but I like the sense of commitment to craft that it provides; blisters and all. Maybe I’ll display the frames on their own. Or not. Whatever.

I think I’m still buzzing from all of yesterday’s woodwork. I also have sawdust where no person should have sawdust.


So. Much. Sawdust… Ignore the dangerous power cord. It was taken care of before any real damage occurred.



These puppies were the best impulse buy ever. I’m a little in love with them.


Clamping down in 5 seconds flat. World record.

Tate gif Party!

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Tate Gif party

This gif was created for the Tate Gif Party, 2014.
Look out for it at the Tate in the 1940′s gif installation.