Moving Art Sale July  4 & 5, Saturday & Sunday

Moving Art Sale July 4 & 5, Saturday & Sunday

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Evangeline Cachinero is skippin’ town!

I’m moving away from Brisbane and hittin’ the road for a while to see a little bit more of Australia. If I haven’t had a chance to tell you personally, it’s because things are a little crazy busy.  I can’t take everything with me, so I’m having a big moving sale to help me on my way.

Come along on Saturday or Sunday this week, July 4 or 5 from 1-4pm.

I’ll have big paintings, little paintings and everything in between. There will be paintings strewn accross my living room, stacked against walls, taped to the ceiling, resting on tables and boxes everywhere… It will be the messiest little open studio in the world, just like I like ’em. If you’re an artist come along and score some cheap art supplies. I have acrylics, wood panels, paper & more!

No need to call beforehand, just show up. It’s totally casj.

Address: 40 Roseglen Street, Greenslopes
Phone: 0438412356
Times: 1-4pm









10 artists who bloomed late in life

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I put these together for my beautiful high school art teacher, who has been one of the biggest inspirations in my life. She was a great teacher to many students and I’m lucky that we still have a great friendship.  This is for all the artists out there who need a little reminder that it’s never too late.


Its never too late meme


Its never too late meme2


Its never too late meme3


Its never too late meme4


Its never too late meme5


Its never too late meme6


Its never too late meme7


Its never too late meme8


Its never too late meme9


Its never too late meme10



(please forgive me if some of the info on these is a little bit wrong. I sourced Google fairly quickly and really didn’t have time to fact check. You get the gist).

Whatever series.

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Evangeline Cachinero_2014_3


Cachinero_Digital Painting_32


Cachinero_Digital Painting_34


Evangeline Cachinero_2014_1


Evangeline Cachinero_2014_7



Evangeline Cachinero_2014_11


Evangeline Cachinero_2014_13


Evangeline Cachinero_2014_14



Zero Dimensions – new photo-paintings

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Cachinero_Digital Painting_7


Cachinero_Digital Painting_10


Cachinero_Digital Painting_14


Cachinero_Digital Painting_15


Cachinero_Digital Painting_18


Cachinero_Digital Painting_19


Cachinero_Digital Painting_20


Cachinero_Digital Painting_20


Cachinero_Digital Painting_22

Good things come in threes

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The last month has been a flurry of packing and shipping paintings to art prizes. I’ve had the good fortune to have not one but three paintings chosen as finalists in art prizes. Here’s a look at the chosen few.


Evangeline Cachinero - Raising man

FINALIST for the St George Art Awards
Raising Man, 2013
Ink, Acrylic and Oil on Canvas
120 x 91.5 cm


Evangeline Cachinero - Praying to no God in particular

FINALIST for arc Yinnar Biennial Prize for Drawing
Praying to No God in Particular, 2014
Ink, Charcoal, Posca pens on Canvas
150 x 130 cm


evangeline Cachinero - 2014 - The giant washing machine


FINALIST for the Maritime Art Awards
The Giant Washing Machine, 2014
Ink, Acrylic, Oil on Canvas
140 x 140 cm

As you are

As you are

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Digital exhibition: A few painterly portraits.


















The allegory of Motherhood – archibald prize 2014

The allegory of Motherhood – archibald prize 2014

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This year I submitted a self portrait for the Archibald Prize 2014.

Archibald prize 2014 - evangeline cachinero


Regardless of the portrait not being a finalist, I wanted to share it with you because it was an extremely personal and important piece for me.

Motherhood in art has mainly been represented as ‘mother & child’ in the form of a warm embrace, or stoically presenting children  as part of  a family showing off it’s status as well as other concepts based around ‘mother earth’.

I wanted to depict my current version of motherhood, specifically the struggles between balancing motherhood and being an artist. What happens when motherhood engulfs you and you feel that there’s no person left inside? Motherhood can be both the vessel for growth and that which drowns you, and to me there has always been a struggle between the two.

Felicity Huffman explains it better than I do in this interview.


please install flash



Scattered Thoughts #openmind, a Digital Exhibition

Scattered Thoughts #openmind, a Digital Exhibition

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My next solo exhibition isn’t until next April, so I thought I would put together some digital exhibition in the meantime. There’s a reason why these are images and not words, so take it away, images! Evangeline-Cachinero_Scattered-Thoughts_2014_1

















All images by Evangeline Cachinero. Prints available on request.