The allegory of Motherhood

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This year I submitted a self portrait for the Archibald Prize 2014.

Archibald prize 2014 - evangeline cachinero


Regardless of the portrait not being a finalist, I wanted to share it with you because it was an extremely personal and important piece for me.

Motherhood in art has mainly been represented as ‘mother & child’ in the form of a warm embrace, or stoically presenting children  as part of  a family showing off it’s status as well as other concepts based around ‘mother earth’.

I wanted to depict my current version of motherhood, specifically the struggles between balancing motherhood and being an artist. What happens when motherhood engulfs you and you feel that there’s no person left inside? Motherhood can be both the vessel for growth and that which drowns you, and to me there has always been a struggle between the two.

Felicity Huffman explains it better than I do in this interview.


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Scattered Thoughts #openmind, a Digital Exhibition

Scattered Thoughts #openmind, a Digital Exhibition

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My next solo exhibition isn’t until next April, so I thought I would put together some digital exhibition in the meantime. There’s a reason why these are images and not words, so take it away, images! Evangeline-Cachinero_Scattered-Thoughts_2014_1

















All images by Evangeline Cachinero. Prints available on request.